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Popular Keen and Teva Sandals

51gm2hc0zjl_aa280_Being that I have been a whitewater rafting guide for several years now, I like to think of myself as a pretty good expert on all things sandal related. Maybe even a sandals aficionado if there is such a thing. From Keen sandals to Teva Sandals and all of the brands in between, I have tried them all and heard all the pros and cons of each from other raft guides. Its funny though, sandals are a lot like PC vs. Mac or Ford vs. Toyota. Most people find a brand they like and stick with it. To be honest, I am more of a Chaco sandals kind of guy, but I have tried them all.

Despite that I am currently a Chaco sandals customer, I have had my fair share of both Keen sandals and Teva sandals. Thus, I feel pretty confident to help offer up some suggestions to help you pick your next pair of sandals. One really important piece of advice I can offer is to try before you buy. Every paid of sandals wear a little differently and the way they fit is a major reason people pick Teva sandals over Kenn sandals or vice versus. SO, don’t order a pair of Keen sandals offline without having tried them on at the store first.

While it may seem like there isn’t a lot when it comes to sandals, there are a number of things that can make one pair of sandals better than another. One thing I would suggest looking for is to see if the pair of sandals you are looking at have some sort of anti-fungal treatment on them. This will go a long way in helping keep your sandals from stinking to high heaven. I’m pretty sure most of the Keen and Teva sandals come with some form of this type of treatment.

Here our some of our reviews on Keen and Teva sandals:

One other thing to keep in mind is that for some reason it seems like sandals can take a little bit longer to break in than traditional shoes. If your sandals don’t feel to comfortable the first time you wear them, don’t worry, they will eventually break in. One good way to break them in is to wear them in the water rafting, creeking, or exploring the lake. This tends to loosen them up a bit and allow you to get a better fit.