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Teva Toachi Multisport Sandals

Teva Toachi Multisport Sandals – Sandals with some added protection.
Teva has always been a leader in creating awesome sandals and shoes for water based activities. The basic Teva sandal design has become the staple design for just about every other sandal on the market. The one major problem of the basic Teva sandal is that it lacked toe protection. This problem is now a thing of the past. Recently, Teva created the Teva Toachi Multisport Sandals. The sandal is a new and improved version of the design that made Teva famous. It has the same basic shape and style of the old school Tevas, but with added toe protection like that of the Keen Sandals.

I can’t say that Teva innovated this idea, as it is clearly a rip-off of the Keen sandals. But, for those of you who are die hard Teva fans, you’ll appreciate this improvement. Rather than cover the entire foot with protection, Teva has added it just where you need it. The added protection only covers the area around your toes. The toe protection helps prevent you from smashing your little piggies while you go boulder hopping or exploring river beds.

The design of the Teva Toachi Multisport Sandals is the same basic design as the original Teva sandals, but with modern features. The Teva Toachi Multisport Sandals feature nylon webbing and mesh to let watter flow freely and and dry quickly. They also have the Microban treatment which helps to prevent that gnarly smell of river funk from building up.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $89

Why they rock:

  • Nylon webbing and mesh uppers let water flow freely from shoes and dry quickly for comfort in varied elements
  • Universal strapping system with quick-release buckles offers a secure and easy fit; padded heel straps give added comfort
  • Neoprene linings and unique toe bumpers protect bare feet from pressure and abrasion while helping to keep debris out of shoes
  • Microban zinc-based treatment provides antimicrobial protection
  • Soft, compression-molded EVA topsoles and midsoles absorb shock and transfer it for enhanced push-off energy
  • Nonmarking Spider Rubber outsoles with drainage ports and aggressive lug design bite into mixed terrain and shed debris that can slow you down

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Even if the idea of the toe protection wasn’t Tevas own, I still think its a great idea. It gives you all the comfort that Teva is known for, but with some added protection to make the sandals even more versatile than they were before. If you are a serious Teva fan, these are worth checking out. They might become your new favorite sandals.

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Amazon: $89