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5 Gifts for Under $50

Case Logic BagLooking for some gift ideas for that traveling child of yours or you vagabond friend, but have no idea what to get such a person? Here are some great gift ideas for that special traveler in your life. Everything you see on this list is traveler tested and apporved, which means this gifts are sure to get a good reaction.

Stuff Bak Lables – A cheap form of travelers insurance. These lables adhear to just about anything and imporve the odds of getting back lost stuff durring travels.

Backpacker Firts Aid Kit – Top quality first aid kit deszigned especially for travelers and backpackers. Its compact design won’t take up much room inside of a backpack.

Money Belts – Stylish money belt any traveler is sure to appreciate.

Digital Camera Case – A compact digital camera case thats perfect for traveling and sightseeing. Hold camera, phone, and more.

52 Card Games – These card games are a great way to make friends or just keep from getting bored while on the road.