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Backpacker First Aid Kit

Backpacker First Aid Kit – By NaturalFooted

At first glane the backpacker first aid kit is pretty impressive, but looks can be decieving. Luckly thats not the case here. Unzip one of the two tough zippers and you will discover that this is in fact an impressive first aid kit for backpackers.

One of my biggest gripes about first aid kits in general is that they tend to lack organization. Maybe its my mild OCD but having medcial supplies seperated into plastic bags and then trown into larger bag is not what I would call organization. The backpacker first aid kit by NaturalFooted looks as though is was designed by a backpacker with far worse OCD than myself.

There is a spot for everything is this first aid kit. It is so well organized and laid out that you would be hard pressed to unorganize it. There are a handfull of mesh elastic pockets for the larger, bulky items such as gauze, triangular badges, tape, etc. In the middle of the case you’ll find a clear pocket with a multitude of items attached to it. This liitle pocket hold all of your loose and smaller items such as band-aids, cotton balls, condoms, gloves, etc. Attached to the out side are a few pill bottles, paw paw salve, bug spray, tweezers, and some scissors. Lastly there are a few pocket organizers for large sterile pads and bigger ban-aids.

The backpackers first aid kit includes:

Cotton balls (5 pk)
Gauze (5 pk)
Sterile gloves
Compression bandage
Triangular bandage
Fabric bandaids x 15
Waterproof bandaids x 10
Non-adherent adhesive dressings x 7
Fabric adhesive tape
Wound closure strips
Povidone iodine wipes x 10
Alcohol wipes x 5
Safety pins x 5
Splinter picker x 5
LED torch with compass and whistle
Insect repellent
Pawpaw salve
Condom x 1
Homeopathics for traveller’s diarrohea and food poisoning
Homeopathics for motion sickness and hangovers
Herron Paracetamol Handy 4 pack
First Aid & Travel Handbook

This is a great first aid kit for backpackers, but what if you aren’t a backpacker per say? Turns out that NaturalFooted makes a few varaitions of this outstanding first aid kit. In addition to the backpacker first aid kit they offer:

  • Surfer
  • Adventurer
  • Angler

At only $49.99 the backpacker first aid kit is a great deal. It made of quality gear and its contents aren’t just a bunch of generic supplies made in third world countries. Do your self a favor and go ahead and by the backpackers first aid kit so you dont have to deal with all the crap that comes along with the not so OCD friendly ones.

What are your thoughts on the backpacker first aid kit? Do you make your own first aid kit or buy them ready made?