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Q&A Money Belts and Mini Flashlight



“I’m looking for a money belt and a hand held mini flashlight. Any ideas?”


The money belt one is an easy suggestion. I personally like the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt the best. A quick search on Amazon for “money belts” brings up a long list of bulky money belts or men’s dress belts.

I don’t really like the larger money belts that have room for passports and IDs. They never wear comfortably and they are kind of main to get in and out of in public without being obvious. Not to say the Eagle Creek belt is great for getting into and out of inconspicuously, but at least its more comfortable.

Because of the design and colors of the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt, it is a little more girl friendly then the black dress money belts on Amazon.

As far as mini flash lights go, that’s hard to say. I’m more of a headlamp kind of guy myself. If I were to recommend a small headlamp, I would suggest the Petzl Tikka XP Plus. It can do everything a mini flash light can do, but better.

It is one of the brightest, smallest, and toughest headlamps out there. Its super comfy and even has red and white lens. The red lens is perfect for using the headlamp in tents or dorm rooms without waking everyone up.