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Stuffbak – Getting your lost gear back.

Stuffbak Label< Nothing gets your stuff back like a monetary offer. People like free stuff, but they like cold hard cash better. Why not tempt people to return your stuff by offering a reward? People do it when they lose a dog, why not try it out with your iPod, cell phone, laptop, or luggage? The friendly folks at Stuffbak have used peoples greed and the digital age to help you do just that.

The way the Stuffbak system works is quite simple. Choose the Stuffbak label pack that fits your needs, activate the label, set a reward price if you are so inclined, affix the sticker to your goodies, and then go lose it. You only have to lose the item if you want to get the FULL effect of the Stuffbak system.

The Stuffbak labels fit:

  • Cell phones
  • PDA
  • iPod
  • Digital Camera
  • Keys
  • Golf Clubs
  • Videos
  • Passports
  • And much more

Made from industrial quality materials, the Stuffbak labels are designed to hold up for the long haul. Stuffbak uses subsurface printing to provide you with durable text that won’t wear off over time. The labels come in all shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of products.