Waterproof Digital Camera

waterproof digital cameraLooking for a waterproof digital camera? Let us help you find the one you want with our guide you by listing just about every one that we’re able to find.

Looking to buy one? Here are the current bestselling waterproof digital cameras:

  1. Olympus Stylus Tough-8010 Digital Camera (buy)
  2. Canon Powershot D10 (buy)
  3. Fujifilm FinePix XP10 (buy)
  4. Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP (buy)
  5. Panasonic Lumix TS1 (buy)
  6. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 (buy)
  7. Olympus Stylus 6020 (buy)
  8. Olympus Stylus 850 (buy)
  9. Olympus Stylus 1030SW (buy)
  10. Olympus Stylus 1050 (buy)
  11. Olympus Stylus 770SW (buy)
  12. Pentax Optio W20 (buy)
  13. Sealife DC500 Digital Camera (buy)
  14. Pentax Optio 30 (buy)

I’m going to assume for a minute that the design of the waterproof digital camera came about for logical reason and not as a security feature for travelers who are prone to dropping their cameras into glasses of beer (oh it happens).  Drunken travelers aside, I’m stoked about all the new digital waterproof cameras that have been hitting the market.




Being an avid whitewater kayaker, I’ve always wanted a good waterproof digital camera. I have tried to keep a regular digital camera in a dry box but that just has too many draw backs. These new waterproof cameras are a Godsend since I have been able to keep it in my lifejacket and not think twice about getting it wet. Now, if only they could make them float too. Good thing someone came up with a nifty floating strap to keep your camera from sinking if you do happen to drop it in the water.

These waterproof wonders will set you back a pretty penny though. They range in price from $200 to over $500.

It seems to me that if you are going to invest in a digital camera for your travels, why not make it a waterproof one? This way you can take it to the beach and not have to worry about your camera getting wet.  Plus it will be safe in the rain and prolonged immersion in glasses of beer won’t hurt it either.

Do you own a waterproof digital camera? What do you think is the best waterproof camera?

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38 thoughts on “Waterproof Digital Camera

  • Mike S (Eyes By Ear)

    I recently took a river trip took some cool pictures the first day but in between doing aqua-portages over trees and waiting to get to a point where i didn’t have to worry about losing the camera I missed a lot of picts. I found your blog searching Google and added it to my blog for quick reference.

  • monk

    i have an optio w20 great camera like you say pictures are sometimes compromised because the extra glass i have warranty from Inklyes was glad the seal leaked an filled up it dried out most things worked but the flash didn’t over all good camera I carry it in my pocket all the time I work construction it has dent in front where I sat on a rock didn’t hurt it

  • keith

    I have an Optio W-10. It is an excellent camera. The ability to go toobing and wade fishing with 100% confidence that it is safe makes this thing the best I have ever owned.

  • David Norris

    I have an Pentax Optio WP (I think that is the first generation equivalent to a W10). Since having a waterproof camera I will never go back. It gives so much more flexibility and no more hiding under an umbrella to take outdoor bad weather sports pictures.

  • David Turlington

    I owned a Olympus Stylus 720. I LOVED the ability to take it in and out of water. The pictures were 90% clear, but lacked color intensity. The blue’s weren’t as blue and the greens wheren’t as green. I used it for 9 months and the rubber seals leaked water in about 4 times and survived, before it finally died from water inside. I took it into water weekly, usually snorkelling, and even took it under the crushing water of Iguazu Falls in Argentina (like Niagra). Even though it died, i’m 85% satisfied with the purchase and everything I put it through. Just wish the colors were brighter.

  • amanda

    hey, i currently own a pentax optio wpi, i agree that waterproof cameras are definately the way forward. the quality of photos in swimming pools or clear waters is phenomenal and allows hours of endless fun with friends making funny faces and even videos under water! plus as a security point the camera can be taken to the beach nd not left on the beach when you take a swim! hopefully the quality of photos will be improved in the newer models. however the seal has started to go on mine after two years and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a way to replace it?

  • Eric

    Amazing, thanks for this page. I’ve been googling and searching on eBay like CRAZY for a good waterproof camera for my vacation, and you guys helped me out a lot.

  • fisher

    We take our Olympus Stylus 720SW with us on fishing trips all summer long and I’ve done some snorkeling with it too. It takes great pictures, has a shock proof design and is easy to use. I love it.

  • Matthew

    I’ve got the Olympus 720SW and I absolutely love it! We’ve taken underwater pictures and movies, and even dropped it a few times. And it still takes great pictures… My wife loves that it fits in her pocket without making it bulge. I will definitely not buy another non-waterproof camera again (point and shoot, that is). The pictures aren’t as great as the ones I take with my digital SLR, but I don’t expect it to. It sometimes takes a second more than I would like to focus and take the shot, but that is rare. It has a ton of features and settings (for someone who likes to tweak with their shots). And my wife loves the “slideshow” that plays music while you review your pictures. Great buy! I will buy another one when this one dies.

  • Brenda

    I have the Olympus Stylus 770. I hate it. The lcd screen is a mirror more often than not. Underwater the screen is so dark I can’t see if what I want to take a photo of is in the shot or not. It takes nice photos when the lcd screen isn’t a mirror, but I will never get another camera without an optional veiwfinder.

  • Paddling with a Camera

    I am paddling with Pentax Optio cameras: WP, W10, W30.

    You are welcome to visit my “Paddling with a Camera” blog with photo trip reports, photography tips and shopping guide for compact waterproof cameras.


  • mitch

    I have an Olympus 770SW. I do a lot of snorkelling and water activities.Loved the fact that I can take it anywhere in wet or dry areas. However, the colors is not as good as I want it to be. And, it was good while it lasted. It is still working but the LCD is broke. So rigt now I’m taking “blind” pictures. I never know how the pictures look like until I upload it. I’m looking into getting another waterproof camera. After being spoiled with the waterproof thing, I don’t think I’ll ever buy one that is not water proof. I’m looking into the pentax optio series. My sis in law has one and I noticed that the colors are better especially underwater and has lasted longer. She has hers for more than 3yrs.

  • Jonathan

    I’ve got one of those nifty waterproof cases for my Canon that is a few years old. Although the case works well, it is very bulky and my camera is now a few years old and starting to crap out. I’ve used it snorkeling quite a few times and love it. I can’t wait to get one of these new waterproof babies!

  • Tiki Mon

    My wife and I bought the Pentax Optio Wp in 11/06. We’ve been LOVING it ever since! A camera for real life!

    Is it as powerful as an SLR digicam? No, but ours is shooting when those SLRs are hiding in their cases. Rain? No worries. Paddling? Carry it in my PFD pocket. Beach? Sand’s no problem, rinse it off! Priceless.

    The peace of mind is wonderful, not having to baby the camera every moment. That’s why I recommend them to people who aren’t all-weather adventure freaks like us.

  • Ben Shemuel

    Here’s why I use a waterproof camera (a Pentax Optio WP.)

    I’m a cyclist and I sometimes do long, sweaty rides. I take my camera, like most everything else I bring along, in a pocket on the back of my jersey.

    Back when I took an ordinary digital, I had to keep it in a ziplock bag. Taking a photo meant I had to stop, open the bag, shoot the photo, and then rezip the camera. The one ride when I took the camera without a plastic bag, I destroyed it with sweat. Saltwater is indeed an electronic device’s worst enemy.

    I don’t have to put waterproof digital cameras in bags. I can and do whip out my Pentax while riding, on occasion, and can certainly get it ready for a shot faster than a camera in a bag.

    So I’m sticking with waterproofs.

  • George

    Mine stopped working after a few weeks for no reason at all and Walmart won’t let me refund it. What a waste. It’s the olympus waterproof (well, it’s really not), by the way.

  • rauri76

    I bought the Sanyo Xacti the first fully waterproof camera I could find that was reasonably affordable.
    The design was OK, its sorta shaped like a gun, but found that didn’t have any advantages in fact if I wasn’t looking at the screen I often was aiming the camera too high. MOST ANNOYINGLY THE SCREEN BROKE WITHIN A YEAR. So now I can’t do anything with it and Sanyo custy service suxmabawlz, 1 year parts I have to pay for labor. It took pretty good pics but the video wasn’t always that great. The screen was hard to see in the sun, and you couldn’t close the screen and use it which made filming while doing stuff kind of annoying. The standby mode seemed to suck the battery dry within 15 minutes which was also annoying. All in all I am trying to find proof of purchase so I can get it fixed and will most likely buy a different brand of camera next.

  • Joyce

    I am planning to buy a waterproof camrea for my old digital camera was snatched. Although it was recovered I want to replace it with a waterproof one so that I can take pictures during my nature adventure. Thanks!