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Canon Powershot D10

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I always seem to be one of those accident prone people, who is almost constantly finding myself washing cell phones with my clothes, dropping cameras in pools, letting a phone slip right from my hands and into a glass of beer. When it comes to water damaging my electronics I seem to be pretty damn good at it. This is exactly why I am a firm believer in waterproofing those little gadgets I’d rather not lose to another clumsy moment involving water.

As a previous owner of the Canon powershot series, I have long been a fan of these compact, easy-to-use little point-n-shoot cameras. The shutter speed was always fast and I always found them super easy to use. So, when I found out that Canon now makes a 12-megapixel waterproof version of their camera, I got pretty excited. I have to admit that while I am a fan of waterproofing expensive items, I was never a fan of waterproof digital cameras. My dad had gotten one years ago, but it was so damn hard to use I thought functionality was maybe traded in in favor of waterproofing. I was proven wrong with the Canon powershot D10.

This camera is actually Canon’s first foray into the world of adventure cameras and waterproof digital cameras. It is amazingly waterproof up to 10 meters, is freeze proof, shock proof and fully protected from dust. It is 12 megapixels with a 3x zoom lens and a 2.5 inch lcd screen as well.

Why it rocks

  • Shockproof up to 4 feet
  • Waterproof 10 m/33 feet
  • Freeze proof -14 degrees F
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 3x zoom lens
  • Blink detection
  • Self timer

The quick & dirty:
Where you can get one:

Seat-of-the-pants Rating: 9 out of 10

As with many of Canon’s other digital cameras, the D-10 waterproof version has a lot going for it—it’s both high quality, easy to use and reacts quickly. While the camera is super easy to use and is indeed waterproof, the 14 external controls do give you limited photographic control. However, if you are like me and rarely use half the settings on your camera, this is a perfectly fine functioning little point’n’shoot. The camera also has a nifty new feature, which recognizes faces in the frame and when set on the self-timer will take the photo 2 seconds after the newest face enters the scene. The camera is small, sleek, easy to use and best of all, its waterproof.

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