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Sealife DC500 Digital Camera

Sealife DC500 Digital Camera – A great underwater digital camera for SCUBA hobbyists.

Shot with Shark Mode on the DC500The Sealife DC500 is a great digital camera for SCUBA divers who want something that can handle a little bit more depth. Typical waterproof digital cameras can only go to depths of around 10 – 20ft. However, the Sealife DC500 can dive to an astonishing 200ft. The combination of its waterproof depth and underwater shooting features make it the perfect buy for divers. If you are in need of an affordable underwater digital camera for diving, the Sealife DC500 is the answer.

Don’t take my word for it, check out this underwater picture taken with the DC500’s “Shark Mode.”

When looking at the DC500, it’s obvious that it was built with divers in mind. The body is covered in a fully rubber armor, making it extra tuff. The buttons are kept to a minimum and all are exceptionally large. This makes the camera easy to use underwater, even with gloves on.

The Sealife DC500 also has two types of underwater shooting modes. The first is your typical underwater mood, it can handle 1/60 -1/1000 seconds. The really cool underwater feature is the new “Shark Mode.” The Shark Mode is activated by simply pushing the camera’s OK button which focuses on the intended subject. The camera will now remember that focus range and take sharp pictures with virtually no shutter lag.

Sealife DC500Here are some of the additional features of the Sealife DC500:

  • 5 mp CCD for quality resolution
  • Land & Sea Exposure Modes for vivid colors
  • NEW “Shark Mode ” for sharper pictures and virtually no shutter lag
  • Auto focus to 2.3″ / 6cm
  • Rechargeable lithium battery for extra battery life
  • 12X Zoom – 3X optical plus 4X digital zoom
  • Large 2″ LCD Display
  • Pocket-size removable inner camera
  • Rubber armored housing, rated to 200ft./ 60m
  • Expandable with SeaLife flashes and Wide Angle Lens
  • Video with sound

The only real drawback I see to the camera is trying to use it on land. While it is made to be used both, on land and off, it is rather bulky for a candid digital camera. I wouldn’t recommend this camera for travelers. I think the Sealife DC500 is perfect for divers who want an affordable underwater digital camera.

Want to get your hands on one? Check them out here.