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PENTAX Optio 30

PENTAX Optio W30 – two hours of underwater fun.

The Pentax Optio 30 has many of the same features as the Optio 20. The real selling point is the W30 is its improved durability. $269.00

Pentax Optio 30

Before the Pentax Optio W30 came along, many waterproof digital cameras could only be submerged to 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes. This bad boy of a camera puts those numbers to shame. The Optio 30 can dive up to depths of 3 meters for up to two hours. You’re more likely to run out of room on your memory card then be forced to surface for your cameras sake.

Another brute feature of the Pentax Optio 30 is the coating that protects the lens. The “super protect” coating helps repel grease, water, dirt, and dust. The Optio 30’s body is just as tuff, equipped with dust proofing to allow you to enjoy your Optio in any condition.

In addition to the Optio’s killer body, it sports all the basic features. There is even an image recovery system that restores accidently deleted shots. No longer will you have to talk about “the one that got away” because you deleted the picture; the Optio will take care of you.

Here are some of the Pentax Optio 30 specs:

  • 2.5in Screen
  • 7.1 Megapixel
  • 3x Zoom
  • Shoots Video
  • Up to 210 shoots per battery charge

Does the Pentax Optio W30 sound like the perfect waterproof digital camera for your next adventure? Check out some of these places to pick one up: $269.00

Interested in getting a waterproof digital camera, but don’t think the Optio W30 is for you? Spend some time reading my guide about waterproof digital cameras to find the one that fits your style.