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North Face Fleece


Stay warm with a North Face fleece on your next trip. This guide will help you pick out a north face fleece that’s perfect for you needs.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most popular north face fleece jackets:

North Face Fleece – Perfect as a jacket or a mid-layer.

It’s no secret that fleece is a must have on any trip and north face fleece is no exception. With a north face fleece in your pack you can rest assured you’ll be nice and warm at the day’s end.

The north face fleece has always been a staple for many outdoor enthusiasts. This is because your typical north face fleece is much more than your basic fleece jacket. In these jackets, hoodies, and vest; you will find added comforts and technology that backpackers have come to know and love.

Many of the north face fleece jackets, if not all of them, are perfect for use as a mid layer or just as a jacket to wear around camp. Some of the nice features of the north face fleece jackets are the reinforced shoulders and elbows, full frontal zipper, and hem cinch cords.

From microball fleece to windstoper fleece, there is sure to be a north face fleece made out of it. Take some time to browse the website to learn more about the different types of north face fleece.

Got a particular north face fleece you like? Let us know!