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Womens Down Jackets

Looking for warm womens down jackets? This guide will help you pick out the perfect womens down jacket to keep you warm this winter.
Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most popular womens down jackets:

  • The North Face Tempest Down Jacket
  • Spyder Nirvana Down Jacket
  • The North Face Greenland Jacket
  • REI Radiance Down Jacket
  • B by Burton Aviator Down Jacket
  • Spyder Charm Down Vest

Womens Down Jackets – Keeping you warm in those cold winter months.
Womens down jackets are undoubtedly some of the warmest jackets on the market (not to say men’s are any less warm). The warmth that comes with womens down jackets may come at a cost depending on how you look at. While these jackets are exceptionally warm, they are also a tad bulky and don’t wash well. Those tiny draw backs aside, if you are looking for an extra warm jacket, down is the way to go.

The nice thing about womens down jackets is that many of them are both stylish and functional. There’s a pretty good chance that the jacket you wear out on the slopes could be warn for those cold days in the city.
Many womens down jackets have a faux fur hood. These hoods are great for creating extra warmth or just keeping the wind out of your face. These hoods are usually detachable, letting you decide when you want to wear it. Another feature of womens down jackets is that many of them don’t offer a whole lot in the way of pockets. Usually you get two hand pockets and maybe a glasses pocket inside.
One thing you may want to keep in mind with womens down jackets is that they must be dry cleaned. Trying to wash the down jacket will certainly ruin your costly investment.

Got a particular womens down jackets you like? Let us know!