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Kindle 2 Accessories

Kindle 2 Accessories–products to jazz up your new Kindle

The Kindle 2 was just released this February and will not even ship until the end of the month, but already accessories for Amazon’s new e-book have started popping up. It seems that other companies must have known the new Kindle 2 was coming long before the rest of us. In fact, almost immediately after Amazon announced the new Kindle 2, companies already had entire lines of products geared towards the new e-book. Here is a run-down on some of the accessories out there from lights to cases to additional memory.

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Kindle 2 Cases

M-Edge Kindle 2 Case with light—M-Edge Accessories (which makes accessories for the Kindle 1) announced a new collection of jackets designed specifically for the Kindle 2 almost immediately after Amazon announced the release of the updated Kindle. The sleekly designed leather cases are for the fashonista Kindle users out there and the cases also come in a variety of bright, fun colors include jade green and fuchsia. Buy M-Edge Kindle 2 Case $44.99

GelaSkins Protective Skin for Amazon Kindle 2—Much like the gel skins made for ipods, these removable art prints protect your Kindle 2 from scratches and dust without adding any bulk. Buy GelaSkins for Kindle 2 $19.99

Patagonia Book Case for Kindle 2—If you are looking for a case that’ll keep you Kindle 2 safe while on the move, than this Patagonia, water resistant case is probably a safe bet. Not only will this tough case keep your Kindle 2 from getting damaged, it also has polyester-elastic catch straps that keep it secure without blocking any part of the screen. Buy Patagonia Book Case $39.99

Belkin Neoprenene Sleeve Case—Belkin is known for their great laptop cases, so it makes sense that they would also come out with a case for the Kindle 2. If you want a high quality, neoprene case with a lifetime warranty, a Belkin is really the only way to go. Buy Belkin Neoprene Case $24.99


Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light—This battery operated clamp-on light is custom designed to illuminate the Kindle 2. Two super LED lights in one head gives you plenty of light to read your kindle anywhere and has an adjustable neck and sensor switch making it easy to use. Buy Might Bright Light $13

Single Ultra Bright LED Flexible Book Light—This book light has a single LED light bulb and runs on 2 AA batteries and lasts an amazing 50,000 hours. It also had an adjustable goose neck and clips easily on the cover of both the Kindle 1 and 2. Buy Single Ultra Book Light $2.98

M-Edge e-Luminator—Made by the same company that makes the sleekly designed cases for the new Amazon Kindle, this little light is designed specifically to be used with the M-Edge jackets and fold up neatly and easily inside of the stylish cases, while providing a bright LED light, flexible neck and runs on a long lasting A23 battery. Buy M-Edge e-Luminator


Amazon MiniSync Retractable Cable— miniSync is the single cable that will simultaneously charge and synchronize your Amazon Kindle, all in an ultra-portable form factor! It is designed with a charging dongle that charges your Amazon Kindle. The retractable cable also extends up to 25 inches in length, making it super convenient. Buy MiniSync $18.95

Amazon Kindle Clear-Touch Anti-Glare Screen protector—This super clear screen protector will not only keep your Kindle 2 from getting scratches, but it will also enhance the display, reducing glare. Buy Kindle 2 Anti-Glar Screen Protector $19.99

SanDisk 2 GB Memory Card—This is a great way to keep you electronic library well organized and sorted. By keeping each genre (i.e romance, travel, non-fiction etc.) on a different card, you’ll be able to easily sort and find exactly the content you want to read. Buy SanDisk 2 GB Memory Card $2.99

PaperBax Bookstand and Book mark— For hands-free reading, pick up a book stand. One that folds flat for easy transport will make eating out, with your kindle, a pleasure. You will be able to eat with both hands while reading your current read. Buy Paperbax bookstand and book mark $9.99