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Kindle 2 from Amazon

Amazon Kindle 2—the hot new e-book for those who have moved way past the paper back. A thinner, faster, crisper Kindle with longer battery life.

Amazon released its brand now Kindle 2 e-book reader today, which is a step up from their previous e-book Kindle reader. The new e-book reader has a lot more memory than the older version—holding up to 1,500 books (the first Kindle e-book reader could only hold 200) and boasting a 25% better battery life. For those that love books on tape, this new jazzy e-book reader also has a “talk to me” function that reads the books out loud. This text-to-speech function allows customers to chose between a male or female voice and also works for newspapers, blogs and other personal documents.

The Amazon Kindle 2 also has gotten smaller—the device is only a third of an inch thick and weighs only 10 ounces. It also has improved functionality with easier to flip pages, a new five-way controller that makes note-taking and highlighting easier, and Kindle 2 definition, which pulls fro the New Oxford American Dictionary and includes definitions to words at the bottom of pages. The more portable power charger is another great added function, though the improved battery life for the Kindle 2 also allows it to last upto 5 days with wireless turned on and 2 weeks with the wireless powered off. That means you can vacation on a remote island for up to 2 weeks without even having to find somewhere to plug this puppy in.

The Kindle 2 is the perfect device for the person on the go. Whether you are on the road a lot for business, have long train commutes in the morning, or are a flashpacker, this little lightweight device allows you to bring your favorite newspapers, magazines and books with you in one little compact device. The Amazon wireless network also allows you to connect to the internet and Amazon will continue to pay for the wireless network so Kindle 2 users will not have a monthly wireless bill, data plan or service commitment.

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The quick & dirty:
Pre-order the Kinlde 2 on Amazon and it will ship on February 24.
Order Kindle 2 Now, $359

Why it Rocks

  • Text-to-speech function that will read your books, newspaper or documents to you in a male or female voice
  • Longer battery life that can last uo to 2 weeks without the wireless function on
  • Wireless internet connection through Amazon that you don’t have to pay a monthly wireless bill for or get locked into a service agreement
  • 6 inch, 600×800 electronic paper display includes 16 shades of gray, compared to the 4 shades available on the original Kindle
  • No backlighting in an effort to eliminate eyestrain and glare
  • Compact size—only 1/3 of an inch thick
  • Lightweight (10 ounces)
  • Holds up to 1,500 books
  • New five way controller that makes note-taking and highlighting easier
  • Definitions from New Oxford American Dictionary at bottom of page

Looking to Buy? Order the Kindle 2 Now on Amazon:

Order Kindle 2 Now, $359