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Kindle 2 Cases

If you just bought one of Amazon’s brand new (and very improved) Kindle 2 electronic readers, you’re probably going to want to look into getting a case to keep it safe. While it may not matter so much if you spill coffee all over your paperback, these e-books don’t withstand accidents quite so well. Check out these cases for Kindle 2 to keep your new e-book safe and sound on the go.

Cole Haan Hand-Woven Patent Leather Cover—Calling all hip, stylish Kindle 2 users out there—Protect your Kindle 2 in luxurious style with this custom cover from Cole Haan. Made in India of hand-stained New Zealand leather, your case will protect your Kindle 2 from scratches, and features a convenient inside pocket perfect for business cards. The woven patent leather will make your new Kindle 2 your best-dressed gadget. Buy Cole Haan Case $119.99

Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Cover—If you want to look sleek, stylish and sophisticated as you carry around your Kindle 2, than opting for this classy looking leather case is probably a good bet. Plus, not only will you look like a successful business man or woman, you’ll also keep your Kindle 2 safe while you’re at it. Buy Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Cover $29.99

M-Edge Kindle 2 Case with light—M-Edge Accessories (which makes accessories for the Kindle 1) announced a new collection of jackets designed specifically for the Kindle 2 almost immediately after Amazon announced the release of the updated Kindle. The sleekly designed leather cases are for the fashonista Kindle users out there and the cases also come in a variety of bright, fun colors include jade green and fuchsia. Buy M-Edge Kindle 2 Case $44.99

Messenger Bag for Amazon Kindle 2—If you want more than just a simple cover for your new Kindle, than this messenger bag made with Italian leather and canvas gives you not only a special interior pocket to store your Kindle reader, but also has other protects to protect and port your valuables and devices. The adjustable shoulder strap and sleek look will also keep you stylin’ the whole time. This is suitable for both men and women (though I do not take any personal responsibility if someone tells you you’re wearing a murse, guys). Buy Messenger Bag for Kindle 2 $69.95

Amazon Kindle Clear-Touch Anti-Glare Screen protector—This super clear screen protector will not only keep your Kindle 2 from getting scratches, but it will also enhance the display, reducing glare. Buy Kindle 2 Anti-Glar Screen Protector $19.99

Memory Foam Amazon Kindle Sleeve— This brand new design was made to fit Amazon Kindle 2 and allows you to safely carry your Kindle with this neoprene sleeve, which can be used with the kindle book cover. It protects your Kindle from bumps, shock and scratches, while incorporating a lightweight design for easy mobility. The dual rubber zippers also add convenience. It lets you tote your Kindle anywhere, conveniently and safely, in any briefcase or backpack while giving your Kindle the complete protection it deserves. Buy Memory Foam Kindle 2 Sleeve Case $19.95

GelaSkins Protective Skin for Amazon Kindle 2—Much like the gel skins made for ipods, these removable art prints protect your Kindle 2 from scratches and dust without adding any bulk. Buy GelaSkins for Kindle 2 $19.99

Patagonia Book Case for Kindle 2—If you are looking for a case that’ll keep you Kindle 2 safe while on the move, than this Patagonia, water resistant case is probably a safe bet. Not only will this tough case keep your Kindle 2 from getting damaged, it also has polyester-elastic catch straps that keep it secure without blocking any part of the screen. Buy Patagonia Book Case $39.99

Belkin Neoprenene Sleeve Case—Belkin is known for their great laptop cases, so it makes sense that they would also come out with a case for the Kindle 2. If you want a high quality, neoprene case with a lifetime warranty, a Belkin is really the only way to go. Buy Belkin Neoprene Case $24.99

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