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Eco-Friendly Travel Gear

Since the people who travel the most are usually big fans of the planet (and preserving it), finding ways to travel a little greener and with less impact is a priority for many world adventurers.

Luckily, not only can you now buy carbon offsets to make up for all that mileage traveled (check out these 9 tips on how to travel greener), you can also pack a few useful and planet-friendly gadgets before you hit the road.

From backpacks made from recycled materials to solar cell phone chargers, you can help make a difference with just a few small, environmentally friendly gear choices.

Mountainsmith Backpacks and Bags

Mountainsmith not only makes a large line of sturdy, well-designed and popular travel bags, they also construct their bags from mostly recycled materials. If it’s time to replace your worn-out pack, buying one that’s made from more eco-friendly materials is a great way to make a little step to help out the environment.

For ladies out there, the Lily Backpack is the perfect size for a few weeks tramping through the jungle or a couple days out in the backcountry.

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Flip n’ Tumble Reusable Totes

Having an extra smaller bag packed away in your backpack or suitcase is a must for travelers. Bring it to the market in Provence and load with it fresh fruit and veggies, throw your towel, sunscreen and flip-flops in it for a jaunt to the beach in Panama or bring it for a day of sightseeing in Bangkok (and have extra room to toss in a few souvenirs).

Flip and Tumble bags are not only incredibly strong and compact (they fold into a small pouch that takes up almost no space in your suitcase); they come in a bunch of totally cute colors. I love these bags—both for travel and everyday life. Plus, they cost less than $10.

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Vulcana Recycled Rubber Tourist Bag

When it comes to getting a good little tourist bag to safely store that passport and your valuables close to your body, being environmentally friendly admittedly may not be your top priority. In fact, your first concern is probably finding a bag that is practical, functional, cute and will keep pickpockets from leaving you penniless and passport-less abroad.

Enter the new Vulcana recycled rubber tourist bag. Vulcana makes a wide variety of bags and products; all using a patented method that recycles old rubber tires from Florida landfills and makes them into fashionable bags.

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Solio Magnesium Charger

How often has your phone died out on the road traveling and you are absolutely nowhere near any sort of electrical outlet? Then, you realize you have to call the hostel to confirm you reservation or phone a friend to meet for dinner. Unless you have this handy solar charger, you’re probably out of luck.

The Solio Magnesium Edition charger is specially designed with the serious adventurer in mind (serious adventurer with a cell phone). It combines efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery power to collect and store power. An hour of sunshine will allow you about 20 minutes talk time on your cell phone or play time on your iPod, which is actually quite a good conversion rate for a device like this. Plus, you know that not one piece of coal was burned to make the power to charge your phone.

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Asus U6V-B1

Ever since netbooks—the tiny, ultra-portable notebooks—appeared on the market a few years ago, they have quickly become a favorite tech item for travelers. Since the first Asus netbook, netbooks have also come along way—getting faster, better, lighter, and now, more green.

Reminiscent of the wood paneling that used to don televisions and station wagons in the 1970s, the Asus U6V is clothed in resilient, biodegradable bamboo-wood trim—sure to make the svelte computer an instant eco-fashion statement. Energy-efficient innards also reduce CO2 emission and boost battery life, without sacrificing environmental awareness.

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