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Solio Magnesium Edition Charger Review

solarchargerHow often has your phone died out on the road traveling and you are absolutely nowhere near any sort of electrical outlet? Then, you realize you have to call the hostel to confirm you reservation or phone a friend to meet for dinner. Hell, how many times have you just been away from your house and had your phone die when you are nowhere near a charger and need to make an important call? Well, now thanks to the Solio Magnesium Edition charger, all you need are some rays of sunshine and a little time to charge your phone and you’re all set.

The Solio Magnesium Edition charger is specially designed with the serious adventurer in mind (serious adventurer with a cell phone). It combine efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery power to collect and store power. An hour of sunshine will allow you about 20 mins talk time on your cell phone or play time on your iPod, which is actually quite a good conversion rate for a device like this. A full charge on this charger will also charge a typical cell phone more than twice or give 20 hours of MPS music. just 1 hour of sunshine = 20 minutes talk time or 50 minutes of MP3 music.

This device also stores power, so you can charge your device at any time of the day or night. You can even plug it into to wall for a charge later on down the road when you know you’ll be away from electrical outlets.

Even if you aren’t out on the road, this charger is great for the eco-conscious who don’t have to worry about burning up any coal to power their cell phones. Using a renewable resource, even for as something as small as charging your cell phone, still helps (Read 9 Tips on Traveling Greener).

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The quick & dirty:
Where you can get one:
Solio Magnesium Edition Universal Solar Hybrid Charger

Why it Rocks:

  • Universal Charger – Powers virtually all your electronic devices. Now compatible with the Universal iGo® tip system for use with hundreds of different portable electronics. Includes Adapter Tip system Cable and USB tip for iPod, digital cameras, and other compatible devices.
  • Solio charges comes with:
    • Charging cable for iGo tip system
    • Female USB cable (powers iPods and iPhone)
    • Motorola Razor tip
    • LG chocolate tip
    • Nokia tip
    • Samsung tip
    • Blackberry tip
    • Pencil
    • Solio Drawstring hemp pouch.
  • Max rated output 8 watts
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out 10

While this isn’t a sure fire solution to your charging (or lack thereof) issues, this nifty little device is still a pretty handy gadget to have with you on the road. Especially if you are relaying on your phone/camera or other electronic device while you travel, this solar charger can be a lifesaver in those situations when your battery dies far away from the grid. Even if this thing saves you from a few bus rides sans Mp3 player, it well could be worth it. While it is ideally suited for use while traveling, I might consider carrying on of these around with me if I plan on being out the house all day.

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Solio Magnesium Edition Universal Solar Hybrid Charger