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Asus U6V-B1 Netbook Review

Bamboo Asus U6V-B1—the environmentally friendlier netbook

Ever since netbooks—the tiny, ultra-portable notebooks—appeared on the market a few years ago, they have quickly become a favorite tech item for travelers on the go. Since the first Asus netbook, netbooks have also come along way—getting faster, better, lighter, and now, more green.

In a day and age when many people are also trying to find ways to travel greener, finding a greener travel netbook seems like a logical next step. Now Asus has an answer for those seeking a more environmentally friendly traveling computer.

The Asus U6V-B1 is new, greener netbook. Reminiscent of the wood paneling that used to don televisions and station wagons everywhere, the Asus U6V is clothed in resilient, biodegradable bamboo-wood trim—sure to make the svelte computer an instant eco-fashion statement. Energy-efficient innards also reduce CO2 emission and boost battery life, without sacrificing environmental awareness.

The Asus U6V also has a .53Ghz Core 2 Duo T9400 Processor, 256MB RAM, a GeForce 9300M graphics processor, and a 320GB hard drive great for Web surfing, word processing, and editing your vacation photos on the go.

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Asus U6V Netbook

Why it Rocks:

    • Eco concept built with highly recyclable materials that delivers a revolutionary harmony and enjoyment to the end users
    • ASUS exclusive Express Gate for instant media enjoyment in 10 seconds without booting up the notebook
    • Built-in high resolution webcam for wire-free video communication + Solid privacy protection + Exclusive power saving
    • ASUS 360 service program with 2yr global warranty one month 0 bright dot guaranty free
    • 1Yr Accidental Damage Warranty protecting the notebook from drops fire spills and surge