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Best iPhone Travel Gear Apps

In the never-ending quest for the best travel gear, one of the things that tends to be really appealing is a tool that can multi-task. It helps when you’re trying to pack light – whether you’re going carry-on only for a 10-day trip through France or you’re on a long weekend camping trip – and it also helps cut down on the number of things you need to remember to bring along. Which is why something like the iPhone is such a favorite among travelers.

Now, we don’t think anyone anticipates a time when the iPhone will replace every single bit of travel gear we need to bring with us – we just don’t see an iTent app in Apple’s future, for instance – but there are enough iPhone apps that turn the iPhone into the king of multi-tasking travel tools that we thought we’d break them down into different categories here. Click on each of the links below to read about (and download) the travel gear iPhone apps in that category – and be sure to let us know if there’s a killer iPhone travel gear app that we’re missing, too. There are new apps being added to the iTunes App Store every day, so it’s quite likely we missed a few.

Best iPhone Travel Gear Apps

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