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Best iPad Cases for Travel

With its lightweight design, incredible battery life, and extreme portability, the Apple iPad provides an easy way to stay connected on the road.  The iPad is sure to become your new favorite travel companion and when it does you are going to need to find a way to protect it from the perils of the open road.

Unlike a backpack where wear and tear is a symbol of adventure and experience, you are probably going to want to keep your iPad looking shiny and new – not to mention fully functional.

iPad Sleeves are great for keeping your iPad safe in your bag or purse but iPad cases keep your iPad protected even when you are using the device.

Manufactures have released a slew of innovative cases for the iPad since its released in April 2010.  Some case feature multi-faceted iPad stands, pockets, and grip features while other simply focus on providing the ultimate protection.  Here are some of the best iPad cases on the market that we recommend for the highly mobile user:

X-Gear Traveler FolioX-Gear Traveler Folio Case for iPad

X-Gear’s Traveler Folio Case is made from a rugged ABS thermoplastic material that is super tough and has huge shock absorption powers.  A plush interior prevents dings or scratches on the iPad screen and the case flips open easel style holding the iPad in a perfect position for typing.  The case also stands vertically placing the iPad in a great position for viewing movies or photos.  The Traveler Folio also has a nice pocket for stashing travel documents.

Why it Rocks?

  • Multi-position iPad stand
  • Front cover flips into easel style position great for typing
  • Rugged carbon rapped exterior
  • Plush interior protects iPad screen
  • Convenient pockets store business cards and travel documents

>> Buy Amazon: $70

CaseCrown Leather Horizontal Flip iPad Case

The CaseCrown Horizontal Flip Case is the least expensive option on the list yet it is made from real leather and is very professional looking.  The case snaps open like a book and you can easily slip the iPad in and out.  The iPad can be used while in the case and all the iPad’s ports and switches can be accessed while in the case.  An interior elastic band holds business cards and documents making the case great for traveling.

Beware since the case is leather it can stretch out a bit and some people have had problems with the iPad slipping out.  If you just keep your iPad right side up you won’t have any problem with this or you may want to choose a case made from synthetic materials like the X-Gear Traveler Folio.

Why it Rocks?

  • Low price (compared to other iPad cases)
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Reinforced buckle keeps iPad secure
  • Interior elastic band holds business cards and travel documents

>> Buy Amazon: $25

Marware Eco-Flip for iPad

What makes the Eco-Flip eco-friendly?  The Marware Eco-Flip is made with eco-leather, which is leather that is tanned using fewer toxins than traditional leather resulting in less toxic runoff into our environment.

Easy on the conscious and highly versatile, the Marware Eco-Flip is my top choice iPad case.  The case is essentially three products in one: a leather case, hand strap, and stand that can be oriented both vertically and horizontally.  Unlike the other cases, the Eco-Flip flips open at the top rather than like a book.  The only thing that could make this case better is a pocket for travel documents.

Why it Rocks?

  • Made from eco-leather that is healthier for the environment than traditional leather
  • Microfiber interior prevents screen damage
  • Firm elastic closure strap and foldover tab secures iPad in case
  • Innovative hand strap and display stand
  • Display stand orients iPad vertically and horizontally

>> Buy Amazon: $40

Tuff-Luv Multi-View Leather Case for iPad

Tuff-Luv’s Mutli-View Leather Case opens like a book to reveal the iPad firmly protected inside.  The case securely holds the iPad with a firm tab and ring and the soft interior protects the iPad screen from scratches.  The case also contains cutouts for all the switches and ports and flips open to act as a stand at a variety of angles.

Best thing about the case is that it is very professional looking so it is a great option for the business traveler.  Only downside is that the case does not fully protect the corners and top edge of the iPad so if you are rough on electronics this may not be the case for you.

Why it Rocks?

  • Case made from high grade leather
  • Multi-view iPad stand features 5 angle settings from 20 to 70 degrees
  • “Tuff-Flap” keeps iPad securely in place
  • Soft interior protects iPad screen

>> Buy Amazon $60

Belkin iPad Grip Vue Case

The Belkin iPad Grip Vue Case is unlike the other cases reviewed thus far.  The Grip Vue Case fits your iPad like a glove protecting the back, sides, top, and bottom while leaving access to the switches and ports.  The case is made from a highly durable material and will protect your ipad from scratches and potentially damaging shocks plus its textured design keeps you from dropping it in the first place.

Unfortunately the case does not offer any sort of protection for the screen so you will want to purchase a screen shield such as the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD to keep your iPad screen protected from dings and scratches.

Why it Rocks?

  • Textured design provides extra grip
  • Made of thermoplastic material that offers superb protection
  • Lightweight, form-fitting design
  • Includes cutouts for switches and ports
  • Clear casing gives you a stylish display for your iPad

>> Buy Amazon $40