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Top 5 Best Selling iPad Sleeves

The new iPad hit shelves this past April and travelers are certainly psyched on this new laptop meets smartphone device.  Weighing in it at only 1.6 pounds and boasting 10 plus hours of battery life, the iPad makes an excellent travel companion and rivals the best netbooks out there.

Like other Apple products, the iPad is so sleek and flawless out of the box you almost don’t want to touch it.  If you want to keep your iPad looking new, you will definitely need a protective case to keep it free from the perils of the road.

A firmly fitted sleeve will keep your iPad cushioned and protected while you’re on the road.  Sleeves are sleek and lightweight and make a great alternative to a full-on iPad case.  Sleeves are perfect if you plan on stashing your iPad in your purse or backpack and some will even keep your iPad safe as a standalone case.

Here are five of the most fabulous iPad sleeves on the market that will keep your iPad looking like it just stepped out of the box.

1. Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad

The Belkin Pleated Sleeve offers amazing protection for your iPad with its lightweight durable neoprene construction and its soft, quilted liner.  The sleeve is compact enough to fit into a backpack or messenger bag for travel and rugged enough to keep your iPad protected on its own.

The pleated sleeve expands to fit your iPad as well as all those other iPad accessories you are going to need when on the go.  The design if form fitting so when you remove items it collapses flat for easy stowage.  Belkin’s pleated sleeve comes in four colors so you can find the perfect shade to complement your style.

Why it rocks?

  • Belkin’s Pleated Sleeve’s unique pleated design expands to fit your iPad and all your accessories
  • Compact enough to stash into another bag
  • Made of durable neoprene
  • Lightweight soft lining protects screen from scratches
  • 4 stylish colors
  • Hand-wash with mild soap and water

>> Buy Amazon: $29.99

2. Be.ez’s LA Robe Allure for iPad

Hands down the most styling iPad sleeve, Be.ez’s LA robe Allure’s soft, cushioned memory foam will keep your iPad protected from most mobile life mishaps.  The Allure is lined with a soft fleece to keep your screen protected and an inner lip provides more protection than the average sleeve.  Four colors and a trendy design will keep you looking styling during your travels.

Why it rocks?

  • Soft memory foam material keeps your iPad safe
  • Lightweight while also providing maximum protection
  • Trendy design with four color options
  • Inner lip for ultimate protection

>> Buy Amazon: $28

3. Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve for Apple iPad

Hard Candy’s bubble design offers more protection than the neoprene cases.  With bubbles on the outside and rubber in the inside, the sleeves shock-absorbing powers are supreme.  A soft interior lining also protects your screen from the hazards of the road by warding off bumps and scratches.  Unlike the others, the Bubble Sleeve zips open so that you can cruise your iPad while still in the case.

Why it rocks?

  • Sleek exterior is soft to the touch
  • EVA-molded case provides more secure protection than a neoprene sleeve
  • Shock absorbing rubber bumpers hold and protect your iPad
  • Zippered case allows use of your iPad in or out of its sleeve

>> Buy Amazon: $49.95

4. Speck iPad PixelSleeve Plus

Speck’s PixelSleeve will keep your iPad safe as a standalone case or stashed inside another bag.  A stretchy neoprene skin snugly fits your iPad protecting it from bumps along the way and then a rugged middle layer protects against impact while the inner fleece lining keeps your screen free from scratches.  A nifty low-profile handle lets you carry your iPad with ease.

Why it rocks?

  • Optimum iPad protection
  • Reinforced inner layers for extra protection
  • Fleece interior prevents scractchin
  • Low-profile carrying handle

>> Buy Amazon: $26

5. iLuv 9.7 Inch Neoprene Sleeve for iPad

The iLuv Neoprene Sleeve has a simple design with two pockets on the front for stashing your iPad charger or other accessories.  The neoprene case will protect your iPad from bumps and bruises but it is a bit thinner than other sleeves so I wouldn’t recommend this sleeve as a stand-alone case.  I do think it will provide ample protection when carried inside another bag though and the water-resistance is a big plus.  With eight different colors to choose from, you can certainly find one to fit your tastes.

Why it rocks?

  • Snugly fits for your iPad
  • Water resistant neoprene offers extra protection
  • Padded to protect your laptop from bumps and dents
  • Exterior pockets for iPad accessories

>> Buy Amazon: $10-20

Want added protection for your iPad while you are using the device as well?  Check out our recommendations for the best iPad cases for travel.