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Marware Eco-Flip for iPad

eco-flipMarware Eco-Flip – a unique 3-in-1 eco-leather flip case for iPad

Travelers and location independent professionals are going crazy over the new iPad.  Just released in April 2010, manufacturers are racing to create the most innovative and versatile accessories for the iPad.

Marware’s Eco-Flip for iPad is an eco-friendly flip folio that acts as three products in one: a leather case, vertical hand strap, and stand with two options.  An elastic strap keeps the folio closed and a foldover tab keeps the iPad secure.  A soft microfiber material lines the interior of the case and prevents scratching.  The case does not obstruct any viewing of the screen nor does it interfere with the multi-touch screen.

The Eco-Flip case protects your iPad on the go and the unique hand strap feature helps you securely grip the iPad during use.  Simply fold back the cover, which flip opens at the top and slide your hand into the strap to securely hold the iPad.

The Eco-Flip case doubles as a stand for both horizontal and vertical views.  The folio flips open at the top and the cover acts as a stand letting you watch videos or view slideshows in the vertical position.  A foldaway display stand also angles the iPad in a horizontal direction, which is great for typing and viewing.

What makes the Eco-Flip eco-friendly? Marware’s Eco Flip is made with eco-leather, real leather that is tanned using less toxins than traditional leather.  This process is healthier for the environment and minimizes toxic runoff into the ground and water sources.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can find one: $40

Why they rock:

  • Unique, innovative hand strap & foldable display stand
  • Microfiber interior covers inside of case and prevents scratches
  • Elastic closure strap and foldover tab keep iPad secure
  • Hand strap provides secure grip
  • Eco-leather material is healthier for the environment than traditional leather

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10
The versatility of the Eco-Flip is definitely unique.  No other iPad case offers a hand strap and both vertical and horizontal stands in one product.  The case is sleek and professional looking plus the case doesn’t inhibit the screen and all ports are accessible.  If you are looking for a high quality, environmentally friendly iPad case, Marware’s Eco Flip is it.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one: $40