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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Ideas for the Female Traveler

I’ve never been that big on Valentine’s Day. I like the general sentiment of the holiday, but like many people, I get a little repulsed by the over-commercialization of the holiday. Plus, I’m just not that into pink, cheesiness or heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

That being said, I’m all about showing your significant other your love and affection and I’m always all about travel gear as gifts. Best thing is great travel gifts don’t have to break the bank. They are many affordable items that would make a perfect Valentine’s gift for your lovely travel loving lady and plenty of pricier items if that is your think.

So, for all the outdoorsy, travel-loving ladies in your life, here are some great gifts for the female traveler in your life.

1. Flip and Tumble Bags

I’m a big fan of using a lightweight, reusable bag when I travel—and the Flip and Tumble bags have quickly becoming my favorite. These bags are made from durable ripstop Nylon (similar to parachute material) and fold into a ball with just a 3 inch diameter (smaller than a peach). Plus, they come in a host of very cute bright colors and prints.

Flip & Tumble bags also fold up into a delightfully small little pouch that’s super easy to stuff and makes for ideal storage. These are the perfect travel and daily life companion.

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2. Travel Dress or Skirt

I know the guys out there may be a little hesitant about buying their ladies clothing for Valentine’s Day, but getting your travel loving gal a great, versatile travel dress or skirt is a great way to go. Patagonia’s Morning Glort Dress will not only look great on many body types, but won’t wrinkle when she packs it.

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3. A Personalized Rolling Suitcase

If she’s the rolling suitcase kind of gal, then buying her a new, great carry-on sized rolling suitcase for Valentine’s Day is sure to put a smile on her face. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can get a personalized embroidery to go on the bag.

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4. Backpack

If your lady is the rough, outdoorsy backpacker style traveler, than getting her a new women’s specific backpack is a great Valentine’s Day gift. The Deuter Futura Pro is a great option for petite women and the Gregory Jade is a fabulous all-around pack.

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5. Netbook Case

If your girlfriend or wife has a tiny little traveling netbook, then getting her a sleek, stylish case to keep it in makes for a great, useful Valentine’s Day gift. There are many other great Netbook accessories out there too.

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6. Kindle

If your special lady is a book worm and a traveler, investing in a portable, electronic reader makes for the perfect gift. This way, you can take dozens of books with you on the road, and it won’t take up any more room than the slender little Kindle.

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7. Yoga Travel Bag

Whether your gal is a globe-trotting yoga retreat fanatic or just a wii yoga junkie, there is a yoga bag designed totally for her. Yoga bags are styling with plenty of room to stash your yoga pants, mat, and other yoga accessories.

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8. Cozy Fleece or Down Jacket

My heart could easily be won over with a cozy Patagonia Fleece or a down puffy coat. Nothing says love better than a lightweight, warm, super comfy jacket!

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9. Travel Bag

I really hope my boyfriend reads this post because I would love one of these cutey Overland Equipment Bayliss Shoulder Bags. With plenty of compartments and organizer pockets and pouches, the Bayliss would be great every day bag for the urban traveler. There are plenty of slots for your credit cards and pockets for your passport or checkbook, a fleece-lined pocket for your cell phone or sunglasses, and an external organizer for all your small goods plus it is cute as can be.

Ladies, what is your dream Valentine gift?