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Marmot Diva 45 Womens Pack

marmotdiva45.jpgMarmot Diva 45 Backpack- the perfect mid-sized women’s pack for any traveling, camping or backcountry needs.

As a female, I have had problems in the past finding a great pack that had all the same features as the best men’s packs while still fitting me comfortably and correctly. I mean, I may be able to hike up the mountain with the boys, but I’m just not shaped like one. That’s why when I recently purchased the Marmot Diva 45 pack I was eager to test it out and see how it performed. It did fabulously. Not only was the pack comfortable, it was roomy and convenient and served me excellently on both a month long backpacking excursion through Panama and on a 5 day trip in the Rockies.

The pack has a great suspension system that gives you extra comfort and support when it’s fully loaded and it’s pre-shaped shoulder straps and split-wrap waist-belt make for added comfort. The pack is also a great size, with 2700 cubed inches of cargo space, it holds everything you could need without leading you to overpack. The two-front pockets and pockets in the detachable lid also help keep your smaller items organized. I used to straps on the side and the bottom to attach a tent, sleeping bag and camping pad, which worked perfectly and gave me more room inside the pack for food, clothing and a stove. There are also stowable ice-axe loops if you are heading out on a mountaineering adventure. For those adventurous skiers, I was very excited to find out there is also a ski carry system on this pack—a feature that brought this pack to the next level for me. It’s versatile, it’s comfortable and it’s easy to use. Overall a great women’s pack for anyone from the casual hiker or traveler to the serious outdoorswoman.

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The Quick & Dirty
Where you can get one:
Marmot Diva 45 $148.95

Why it rocks

  • 45 liters (2700 cubic inches) gives you plenty of space for your stuff without weighing you down
  • Compression-molded back panel, stays and pre-curved shoulder straps make it super comfortable even on long hikes
  • Ski carrying system allows you to chose the most comfortable way to carry your skis
  • Straps on outside allow you to attach you tent, sleeping bag and anything else you might need easily.
  • It only weighs 4 lbs 6 oz.
  • There are stowable ice axe loops
  • Hydration pocket and port

Seat-of-the pants rating: 9 out of 10

This pack was designed with a female alpinist or backcountry skier in mind, but also works as a great traveling pack. The lid and front pockets make it easy to stay organized on a long trip. The pack’s shorter torso length and narrower shoulder straps also make it super comfortable and perfect for women. It’s durable, it’s high performance, it’s comfortable and it has great features. Basically this pack is everything you’ve looked for in a woman’s pack but always had trouble finding.

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Marmot Diva 45 $148.95