Traveling to the Bible Belt? We got your gear.

Metal Bill of RightsWhen you’re heading into the deep south, it’s a good idea to come prepared. While we don’t condone wearing a rebel flag as a kilt (more on kilts later) we do have some interesting gear you can show off to all your good-ole-boy buddies.

When you’re really proud to be an American, where at least you know you’re free, then it’s more of a privilege than a right to carry a metal placard of the 10 amendments. Just in case you missed 1st grade because you were working on the farm, they’ve highlighted the 4th amendment in red for ya.

Be warned though, this will probably be confiscated at a TSA security checkpoint. After all, you do give up your rights as an American if you intend to be above 1000 feet in altitude above our country. But you can rest easily knowing that at least the prisoners still have them. And that metal placard of rights can be easily filed into a shank.




Outdoor BibleNow what would a trip to the Bible belt be without bringing your bible? Make sure the kind that you don’t have to worry about spilling your MGD or Mint Julep on – the Outdoor Bible. It’s 100% waterproof, rugged and tear-resistant. Overall, a great idea for those who want to take their Bible traveling and are concerned about durability, although it probably won’t be used from a traditional pulpit anytime soon.

You know, this could work the other way too. Take some of the Bible belt with you when you go traveling. Never feel disconnected from the Soul of America again.

Via: Kirou, Gadling