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Utililkilt – Please Don’t go Commando

UtilikiltLet’s say you have the hankering to educate people around the world – no, not teach English – but show them other cultures. For example, you decide to go to hike around China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge with your Utilikilt to show off your Irish culture. And please, make sure culture is all you’re showing off to all those people hiking below you…

Wait a minute. I said Irish culture. Aren’t Kilts Scottish? While I may piss off both of these Gaels, there’s no disputing that there has been some ties through history between them. The credit for who invented kilts may not be ever fully resolved, but here’s the rule of thumb: Irish kilts are traditionally made of a solid color cloth, thereby making Utilikilts more of Irish tradition than Scottish which are traditionally a type of wool (tartan), and made of a pattern called settes. And that’s your history lesson for today.

Utilikilts are also perfect for the Urban Golf Championships. A kilt with pockets for golf balls – what could be better?

What are you waiting for? Go get one of these, and a pair of travel boxer briefs for under them.

We forever thank Get Outdoors for turning us on to them.