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Top Travel Safety Gear

Traveling safe is an important issue for any traveler. Here are a few inexpensive items that will help keep you safe abroad without taking up much room in your pack. Id also be intrested to hear about any other ways paeople keep thier stuff safe while they are traveling.

Door Jam Lock

This little badboy is small enough to fit in your pocket, but can give you that added security you need. Its affordable and is sure to give you peace of mind in all those sketchy hotel rooms.

Eagle Creek Money Belt
Money belts have always been a great idea. The problem with them used to be that they were big and could be spoted a mile away. Eagle Creek has created a slim and stylish money belt that will help you keep your stuff safe.

Leg Money Belt
The Eagle Creek money belt not big enough for you? Then this leg safe should do the trick. It is large enough to hold bigger items like passports, IDs, and credit cards.

Pac Safe
Not everywhere you stay is going to have lockers for your backpack. So what do you do? The pac Safe is the perfect anwser to this delima. This full backpack lock is sure to make would be thives pass your bag and move on to another.

Slim Wallet
The slimmest wallet on earth. This low profile wallet is a perfect companion item to the leg money belt. The wallet is also slim enough to fit just about anywhere without gaining unwanted attention. Perfect for the front pocket of your pants or elsewhere.

Giggle Bug Alarm
This may seem like an odd item to purcahse, but hear me out. Imagine you have one of these hidden inside your backpack, wallet, or other personal item. Should you notice your stuff missing soon enough, you could simply press the locate button and a audible alarm would go off. Leaving you to quickly find your gear.