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PacSafe – A new way to secure your gear.

The PacSafe is one of the best ideas I’ve seen for keeping your gear safe. The PacSafe secure luggage protector is a special eXomesh that covers the majority of your pack. You can then secure it to something fixed and your good to go.

The eXomesh lock and leave system is slashproof, snatchproof, and tamperproof.

There are a lot of really cool features about the PacSafe. One great feature is that the PacSafe is light and dosen’t take up much room when in use. It comes with its own carrying pouch that you can just throw in one of your outside pockets.

Additionally, the PacSafe can be used even while you wear your pack. This is great for all those sketchy bus rides or long stays at third world airports. The PacSafe comes in a variety of sizes that can fit most popular sized backpacks, duffles, or soft – sided wheeled luggage.

What do you think? Want to get a PacSafe for your next trip? Check them out here:

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