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SteriPEN Journey Water Purifier System

SteriPEN Journey Water Purifier System – fast and easy to use UV water purifier

The SteriPEN Journey Water Purifier System is perfect for purifying water from rivers and streams during camping and hiking trips.  A step up from the classic SteriPEN Adventurer, the new Journey has an integrated LCD screen that displays how much water you need to purify, battery life, and a timer counting down the seconds until your water is safe to drink.  The screen also tracks the number of uses so you know when the UV lamp is approaching its life limit of 8000 doses.

Like all other SteriPen filters, the Journey uses ultraviolet light to purify water protecting your from 99.9% of protozoa, bacteria, and viruses.  The Journey is fast and easy to use and one of the best hiking water filters on the market.  It takes only 48 seconds to purify a half-liter of water and all you need to do is press a button, insert the SteriPEN into the water, and continually stir the water until the lamp turns off.

The Journey System includes a FitsAll water bottle filter that filters out debris and particulates if clear water cannot be found.  SteriPEN is designed to filter clear water and the presence of particulates can inhibit UV light reducing its effectiveness.   The Journey also comes with a 1-liter wide-mouth water bottle (that fits the bottle filter perfectly), a SteriPEN carrying case, and an instruction manual.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can find on:
Amazon: $99.95

Why they rock:

  • Innovative SteriPEN system uses UV light rays instead of chemicals to purify water for drinking
  • Journey requires no pumping, chemicals, test strips, extended time-keeping or filters; leaves no aftertaste, will not clog and does not require lubrication
  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) light rays safely sterilize clear water by destroying 99.99% of protozoa (including giardia and cryptosporidia), bacteria and even viruses
  • SteriPEN protects you from risks that cause botulism, cholera, dysentery and typhoid, just to name a few
  • The LCD displays treatment time, battery status and usage of the 8,000 dose UV lamp.
  • The FitsAll Filter removes debris and particulates, also working as an adapter, allowing the Journey to mate with the Nalgene bottle.
  • The Journey Safe Water System also comes with a customized neoprene carrying case, 1-liter BPA free water bottle, 2 disposable CR123 batteries, and instruction manual.

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

The SteriPEN Journey is great for filtering water from clear mountain streams as well as filtering water when traveling abroad.  Only downside is that the filter only works on clear water so if you will need to filter sediment-laden water you might be better off with a pump system like the MSR MiniWorks.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Amazon: $99.95