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MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter

MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter – affordable water filter

MSR has long been popular for there amazing backpacking stoves that only seem to improve over time. But did you know they made water filters as well? There are a ton of great hiking water filters on the market that work in a variety of ways. Some them require little to know pumping at all, which is great. My only gripe with many of the water filters on the market is that they are sooo expensive. This is why I wanted to showcase the MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter.

The majority of people looking into a water filter probably won’t need half of the features that come with the higher priced ones. The MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter will suit just about any recreational hiker or backpacker just fine. It might require a little pumping and cleaning, but it gets the job done and it’s super easy on your wallet compared to other water filters.

A nice feature of the MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter is that it is designed to screw directly on to your Nalgene or similar water bottle, as well as MSR Dromedary bags. While the MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter is a pump action filter, the newest version helps make use of the back pumping motion. This means you are filtering water on the up and down motion of the pump action. As a result you end up pumping less.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $79
REI: $89.95

Why they rock:

  • New venturi/dampening device also has the added benefit of reducing the force required for each pump stroke
  • Ceramic/carbon media can be cleaned over and over for maximum field life
  • Effectively removes bacteria and protozoa including giardia and cryptosporidia
  • Also removes chemicals including pesticides, industrial pollutants, iodine and chlorine plus taste and odor compounds
  • Bottom screws onto an MSR Dromedary Bag or Nalgene water bottle for easy operation (both sold separately)
  • Easy disassembly lets you troubleshoot and maintain filter in the field

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

Im really a fan of anything made by MSR. They create nothing but amazing products. I’m really found of the MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter because it’s a great deal for the money. Because the majority of my multi-day backpacking trips are in the States, I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a water filter.

Looking to Buy? Check out these sites: $79
REI: $89.95