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SporTube Double Hard Ski Travel Case

sportubedoubleSporTube Hard Shell Double Ski Case—Because there’s no better way to protect those skis than in a hard case

I’ve been a skier almost my entire life—and while I have always loved the feeling of freedom skiing gives you and the fresh mountain air, I have never been a fan of all the schlepping that’s often involved when you go skiing. Unless you are one of those few lucky folks who has a ski-in ski-out mansion slope side, you are inevitably going to have to pack up those skis, boots, poles, coat, mittens, goggles and the rest of the gear and head to the mountain.

That being said, while skiing is refreshing, exhilarating and liberating, transporting your skis never is. They’re big, they’re awkward and they are really hard to pack up when traveling on a plane. Enter the new SporTube ski cases. Unlike the standard ski bag, which may be padded or not, the SporTube ski cases have a hard shell meant to protect your precious sticks when hitting the road in search of new terrain and fresh powder.

The SporTube double ski case is made from high density polyethylene plastic—that is both lightweight and durable. The case is designed to protect your valuable winter sports equipment from bumps and scratches while going through airline check-ins or shipping. The hard plastic shell offers superior protection over a soft bag and creates a shield around the equipment, protecting its contents much better than a nylon bag. The hard shell plastic doesn’t tear and is resilient to dings and bangs. There are no buckles, zips or permanently attached straps to get ripped, torn, or broken.

The ski case also comes with wheels, making it easy to roll from place to place and meaning you won’t be accidentally knocking people out at the airport with a bulky and awkward ski bag slung around your shoulder. The wheels are made from heavy-duty rubber that makes for an easy journey from the car to check-in or from the airport parking lot to the baggage check counter. It also comes equipped with an easy pull handle that make it super easy to tote even the heaviest skis around.

If you are worried about the rigid case not being big enough for your fatty powder skis, rest assured. SporTube recently redesigned their ski cases to meet recent changes in ski design and now fits all ski/binding systems.

In addition, SporTube also can be easily strapped onto any roof rack, protecting your skis from road salt, dirt and grime when driving up to the slopes. Another advantage the hard case SporTube has over standard ski bags is that you can actually also ship your skis safely to the resort if you would rather not hassle with them through security anyways. SporTube also comes with a non-locking, TSA-compliant wire case pin, and can be locked for overseas travel or when shipping your skis.

>>If you aren’t sure you want a double hard ski case, check out the SporTube Single ski case. Or, if you’d rather go with a soft ski bag, check out more of the best ski bags for traveling.

The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
Buy the SporTube Double Hard Ski Travel Case – 135.95

Why it Rocks:

    • Super durable
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty
    • Width: 11 inches / 280 mm
    • Depth: 6 inches / 152 mm
    • Weight: 12 pounds / 5.5 kg
    • Adjustable Length: 48 to 83 inches / 1300-2100 mm
    • Made from high-density polyethylene plastic
    • Durable wheels add rolling convenience
    • Weight: 4 lbs
    • Series 2-double holds two pair of alpine skis and poles or four pair of Nordic skis and poles or one snowboard
    • non-locking, TSA-compliant wire case pin, and they can be locked for overseas travel or when shipping to the resort
    • Can be carried on any roof rack—and will keep you skis/snowboard safe and protected

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

While investing in a SporTube travel ski case may set you back a little more than a standard soft ski bag, the extra cost is probably well worth it in the long run. Not only will the SporTube do a better job at protecting your skis, but it is also guaranteed to last at least 5 seasons (according to the manufacturer’s warentee). With no zippers to break or cloth material to tear, it’s no wonder these ski cases are built to last.

Maybe I’m also a tiny bit biased in favor of this ski case because it was designed by skiers and engineers in the Mountains of Colorado near where I grew up. But, it’s a valid point. This ski case was designed for skiers by skiers and it works. This case can be shipped, strapped onto roof racks or simply wheeled through an airport. It’s easy to use, tough, lightweight and an all around great case to have if you find yourself traveling with skis all that often.

Looking to Buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Buy the SporTube Double Hard Ski Travel Case – 135.95