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SporTube Series 1 Travel Ski Case

SporTube Series 1 Travel Ski Case–a must-have for any traveling skier or rider on the run

sportube.jpgIt is never too early to start thinking about ski season and anytime is a good time to begin getting all of your equipment out of the closet and ready for the upcoming season. If you’re like me, and constantly transporting your skis between two locations (like the Cascades and the Rockies), then the new SporTube hard case transportation system could be the perfect solution to your traveling with skis dilemma.

Skiing is exhilarating, refreshing, and a welcome escape into a world of mountains and snow—transporting your skis is not. They’re big, they’re awkward and they’re really hard to pack up for the plane. The new SporTube eliminates many of the common problems associated with getting those skis and poles from mountain A to mountain B. With high density polyethylene plastic is both light and durable, big enough to fit your downhill skis and poles or two pairs of Nordic skis. Plus, this great case even has wheels so you won’t be trying to awkwardly knocking people out at the airport with a gawky ski bag over your shoulder. If you want to be ready to take off at a blizzard’s notice, this innovative SporTube is a great way to have those skis packed up and plane ready in no time.

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SporTube $99.99

Why it rocks

  • Wheels make handling your sports gear super convenient, just pull it behind you like a suitcase.
  • The high density polyethylene plastic protects your equipment while remaining lightweight and durable
  • A wire case and shoulder strap aide in easy transportation of your skis as well as allowing you to be locked for added security.
  • SporTube’s creators live and make their gear from the ski utopia town of Vail, Colorado. These guys live and breathe skiing and it’s reflected in their product.
  • SporTube will also keep your skis safe from road salt, gravel and grime when your skis are in transit up to the slopes.

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

This hard case blows soft ski bags out of the water. Between the wheels and ergonomically designed handles making it easier than ever to get somewhere with bulky equipment, the tough, light-weight protective shell and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, you really can’t go wrong with the SporTube system. Not only will your skis stay safe, you’ll have a lot easier time hauling them around. If you are planning to travel with your ski equipment, this case is definitely the way to go. As a female who isn’t very large, but skis on big skis, having a bag that I can easily transport my gear in when I’m all alone is super important. This ski bag manages to accomplish just that.

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SporTube $99.99