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RKV (Reykjavik) Backpack

RKV (Reykjavik) Backpack – A waterproof daypack.

rvk-backpack.jpgFor those of you who are curious about the name of this waterproof backpack, it is actually a city in Iceland. The RKV waterproof backpack is an awesome daypack for the extreme outings. This hoss little backpack is made by Pacific Outdoor Equipment and extremely well made.

The RKV waterproof backpack has the bare bone essentials of a daypack. You wont find loads of pockets, water bottle holders, or in pocket organizers here. This daypack is all about the waterproofing. Both sets of zippers are made with welded zippers to ensure dryness. The only drawback to these types of zippers is that they can be a bit tough to pull.

As I said before, the RKV waterproof backpack doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. What it does have is and external stash pocket and a mesh pocket inside. That’s all.

Heres a quick recap on the facts:

• Internal mesh pocket
• Waterproof fabric
• Welded Seam and Zipper construction
• Front stash pocket
• Exterior tool loops

As with all things waterproof, the RVK backpack is a little pricey. It averages about $116, but in the end it is a cheap price to pay to protect your valuables from the elements.

Want to pick up a RKV (Reykjavik) Backpack? Check them out here: $116

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