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Waterproof Backpacks

Waterproof Backpacks – Perfect for when you never know what to expect.

For many travelers, waterproof backpacks are unnecessary. In fact, to take a waterproof backpack on your average trip would be a pain. These bags are stiff, hard to zip up, and expensive. But if you are the type of traveler that finds yourself camping in the jungle one minute and sailing around the next, perhaps a waterproof backpack is right up your alley.

waterproof backpacks

Not only are waterproof backpacks perfect for the adventurous traveler, they are also great for those with expensive electronics to protect. Not only are these bags waterproof, but the material used in making them is also tough. Many waterproof backpacks have a very basic “inside.” Typically they are nothing more than waterproof material, zippers, and buckles. There are however a few well designed packs and even gear specific bags.

Check out some of the various waterproof backpacks below:

Waterproof backpacks certainly have their pros and cons, but one thing is for sure; no matter the pack, things will still get wet. The word waterproof is a little misleading. I myself have never used a waterproof backpack that kept things 100% dry. SO just keep that in mind when packing. If there are things that cannot get wet, you might want to pack them inside of another bag.

What do you think about waterproof backpacks? Are they worth it? Have you ever used one before?