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Pedal Boats Not Only for Parks

Swallow Pedal Boat

After your last trip to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, you might just have the urge to go get your own pedal boat for home. Either you’re insanely lucky and live on a private lake, or you’re just insane and will actually haul it to your local park pond.

In either case, Swallow Boats has got your back. Reinforcing our opinion that you’re insane, dropping £4,995 (introductory 2006 price) on this is proof. But you’re sure to appreciate the double-skinned molded fiberglass sail boat shape and it’s ability to cruise at up to 7mph, depending on your own cardio in-shape-ness, of course. A far cry better than the $500 plastic version you sailed in the park. Even after the extra cash, going for a leisurely hour down a flowing river will have you wishing it had a transom that you could attach an outboard to on your way back. At least it’s better than the Pumpabike.

However, it’s not terribly travel friendly. If you’re looking for a boat to pack around the world with you, we recommend you choose a folding boat instead.

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