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Portable Boat For Hard Core Fishermen

Porta-Bote Folding BoatAlmost every day I see someone with a bumper sticker with a “gone fishing” or “sleep, fish, sleep, eat, fish” theme. That might be influenced a bit because I live in outdoor-friendly Portland, Oregon, but appartently Porta-Bote welcomes the fishing addicts with open arms.

With sizes ranging from 8′ 6″ to 14′, and capacity anywhere from 2 to 5 people (assuming you don’t go over the weight limit) there’s a Porta-Bote available for many different traveling needs. While they fold nice and thin, I wouldn’t try to check this as baggage, unless you’re willing to pay an oversize fee because of the length. Besides, if you’re so desparate to go fishing while on that business trip, you may as well just call in sick instead.

Thanks to Kevin Kelly and his CoolTools for finding this obscure outdoor toy.