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PacSafe RoamSafe 100 Backpack

PacSafe RoamSafe 100 Backpack – A secure daypack for travelers.
You can never be too careful when traveling abroad. Any extra security you can give yourself is money well spent. That is exactly what makes the PacSafe RoamSafe 100 Backpack worth its $90 price tag. This isn’t your run of the mill daypack. This is a daypack that is designed to keep your pack and its contents as safe as a backpack possibly can. So how does the PacSafe RoamSafe 100 Backpack work to keep your pack safe? Keep reading to find out.

The PacSafe RoamSafe 100 Backpack uses a combination of unique slashproof and snatchproof technology to help keep your pack safe. What exactly is slashproof technology and does it work? I don’t know first hand if the slahshproof fabric and snatchproof technology actually work, but I can tell you what it is. The fabric of the PacSafe RoamSafe 100 Backpack is made up of eXomesh technology that uses high-tensile stainless-steel wire laminated between nylon. The “snatchproof” term comes from the fact that the shoulder straps feature a metal clip that can allow you to lock your bag to a secure fixture.

Aside from the petty theft security feature, the PacSafe RoamSafe 100 Backpack also has plenty of other usable features. The large main compartment has plenty of room for all your site seeing gear. There is enough room for a camera, maps, a light jacket, and other must haves. The smaller outside pocket is perfect for keys, money, and MP3 players. There is also a headphone port to use with your MP3 player.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $89

Why they rock:

  • Made with eXomesh technology, the front and bottom panels feature slashproof, high-tensile stainless-steel wire laminated between nylon
  • Slashproof adjustable shoulder straps contain high-tensile stainless-steel wire to fend off cut-and-run thieves
  • Snatchproof shoulder strap features a metal clip, allowing you to anchor the bag to a secure fixture
  • Tamperproof zippers prevent pickpockets from accessing the interior
  • Main compartment stows books, clothing and travel gear
  • Internal zippered compartment includes three electronic gadget pockets for your digital camera, PDA and digital music player
  • Front zippered pockets provide storage for additional electronic devices as well as keys and credit cards
  • Two side pockets stow a water bottle and compact umbrella
  • Headphone port lets you listen to tunes while your device stays safely stowed inside the bag

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

I have never had the chance to test out one of these bags myself, so I can’t testify that they work the way they should. but on the other hand, I have done a lot of research on these bags and found little negative feedback on these bags. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used these bags before. be sure to check out our reviews of other PacSafe gear.


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Amazon: $89