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Nu Technology Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player

nutech.jpgNu Technology Dolphin 1 GB Waterproof MP3 Player—light and compact MP3 Player you can take underwater with you.

With a few different options out there on the market for waterproof MP3 players, you may be left wondering which one would best work for your needs. For those looking for a player that is both super light weight, easy to use and very compact (all while being able to go under the water) than this is the player for you. This cylindrical shaped casing has a minimalist look and conveniently placed all of the buttons on one side, with the earphone attachments on the other. For being so small, this thing amazingly has 8 hours of battery life and can be uploaded with your music via a USB portal.

The earphones designed for the Nu Technology Dolphin also make this waterproof MP3 player great for underwater workouts in the pool, ocean or wherever are the waterproof ear buds. The earphones use a non-woven fabric membrane to keep the speaker vibration dry wile maintaining good sound quality underwater. The earpieces are also made from silicon that fir securely in your ears—meaning no extra water will sneak in and the ear buds will stay put even during vigorous activity.

The quick and dirty:
Where you can get one:
Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player

Why it Rocks:

  • Waterproof MP3 player & earphone designed for swimming, spa, and water sports
  • High durability aluminum casing with anti-scratch finish
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • USB plug & play
  • Stylish design with fluorescent holder to strap onto swimmer goggles
  • Compliant with international IPx7 water resistance standard
  • Audio format: MP3, WMA
  • Compatible with Win2000/WinME/WinXP/Vista and Mac OS 8.6+ and Linux 2.4.0
  • Battery: 1.5 hours charging time, 8 hours continuous operating time when fully charged

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are a hard-score swimmer, this waterproof MP3 player seems like it would be your best bet when it comes to getting a way to listen to your jams while working on your butterfly. Not only is this thing super small and lightweight, it even comes with something to attach it to you goggle with and the ear buds will keep water out while marinating sounds quality. Plus, since this thing is made specifically for swimmers, the ear buds will even stay put during a kick-turn.

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Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player

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