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Waterproof MP3 Players

phelpspod1.jpgWith Michael Phelps ripping up the swimming pool this summer at the Olympics in Beijing, suddenly everyone is interested in having a waterproof MP3 player. People run with their ipods in, so why wouldn’t you want to train in the pool with your jams? Or, maybe you are like me and seem to break everything you touch (i.e. accidentally washing your cell phone with your clothes). Either way, a host of these new submersible MP3 players and headphones are hitting the markets and riding the Phelps 8 gold medal wave. Whether you are an avid swimmer looking for a way to pump out your workouts in the pool, or you want to take your music out with you surfing, or just someone who sweats so much they’re afraid they might break their MP3 player, investing in one of these durable, submersible music players could be a good idea. Add it in pair of waterproof headphones and you’re good to go. There are also waterproof cases you can buy so you can use your current MP3 player or ipod underwater.

Looking to buy one? Here are a few choices:

These little waterproof MP3 players range in price from about $200-$400, so they aren’t cheap, but if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the water (and if you want to swim like Phelps you will be), then these are well worth the price.

Luckily, all the new Phelps wannabes can now even download some of the Olympians favorite jams and load them onto their ipod before a workout in the pool. But, these little waterproof MP3 players are good for more than just swimmers. They are also popular among surfers, kayakers, runners who live in the Pacific Northwest (or anywhere rainy), and generally clumsy and/or careless people (people have been known to drop MP3 players and phones in glasses of beer).

Are you a swimmer or surfer that loves to go underwater with your jams? What’s your favorite underwater MP3 player?