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Kelty Chuckwagon Dog Backpack

Kelty Chuckwagon Dog Backpack – Built Kelty Tough $44.95 – $59.95

Kelty Chuckwagon Dog Backpack

The Kelty Chuckwagon may not have all the frills of other dog backpacks, but what it does have is a simple designed pack that is built to last. Find out why many outdoor enthusiast have ordered the Kelty Chuckwagon and been exceedingly happy with their purchase.

It may be a simple dog backpack, but the Kelty Chuckwagon has everything you need. There are two saddle bags that can be easily adjusted to fit your load and the size of the dog. All the plastic buckles have thick padding over them as to not rub your dog raw. The Kelty Chuckwagon has the basic grab handle for taking off the pack at the end of the day, but it’s also useful for helping your four legged friend over trail obstacles and through the water.

The grab handle on the Kelty Chuckwagon also has a bear bell to keep you and your dog safe. The bell is also nice because it lets you hear where your dog is when they wonder around camp.

Not sure what size to get? Check out this handy little chart for the Kelty Chuckwagon Dog Backpack
• Small fits Weight Range 15 lbs – 35 lbs Dog Girth Range 18″ – 28″
• Medium fits Weight Range 35 lbs – 65 lbs Dog Girth Range 22″ – 35″
• Large fits Weight Range 65 lbs – 90 lbs Dog Girth Range 28″ – 42″
• X-Large fits Weight Range 85 + Dog Girth Range 32″ – 49″

Here’s the technical features:
• Ripstop nylon
• Wieght-14oz – 1lb.4oz
• Reccomended Ues – Day hike and Overnighters
• Lifetime Warrenty

Ready to get your dog on the trail? Check out the Kelty Chuckwagon Dog Backpack here: $44.95 – $59.95

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