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Dog Backpacks

Many hikers enjoy hiking with their dog but tire of carrying supplies for their dog as well as their own necessities. Well why not strap a pack onto your pup and let him carry his own trail snacks and water?

Dog backpacks are a great way to save on personal space while still having all your dog’s necessities along. There are plenty of comfortable, sturdy dog backpacks on the market from such big names in backpacks as Mountainsmith and Granite Gear.

Packs aren’t just for huskies, but fit all sorts of sizes and breeds.  Dog backpacks are typically sized by girth, which is the measurement around the widest part of the rib cage.  Some packs are sized by weight and length of dog.  It will take some practice (and getting used to for your dog) but the pack’s harness should fit snugly to prevent the pack from moving or shifting around.  You should aim to pack the same amount of weight in each of the saddlebags so your dog has a stable load.

Dog backpacks acome in a wide variety of styles from urban cruisers to expedition packs and prices can range from as little as $25 to well over $100.  Dog backpacks have a surprising array of features that will keep your dog comfy, styling, and even warmer in cool temps.  Once your dog gets used to the dog backpack, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make them start carrying their own gear sooner!

Here are some of our favorite dog backpacks to hopefully help you find the pack that’s right for you and your pup.

Mountainsmith Dog Pack

The Mountainsmith Dog Pack hold everything your dog needs for a day out on the trail. A fleece lined harness ensures a secure fit without causing hot spots or discomfort to your dog. Plus a mesh straddle panel allows for some ventilation.

Two saddlebags provide 10 L of space in the small size (20 L medium and 30 L large) and an extra mesh pocket on the saddle makes a great spot for stashing the leash.  The large size fits saint bernards, the medium size is perfect for labs and the small typically fits cocker spaniels and terriers.

>>Buy Amazon: $36 – $69.95

>>Buy REI: $55.00

Ruff Wear Palisades Dog Pack

The Ruff Wear Palisades Dog Pack is best for multi-day adventures like extended backpacking trips. Each saddlebag holds a liter of water in an integrated bladder pack and a spout on each side of the pack lets you refill your dog’s water bowl without even having to take the pack off.  The super rugged design ensures that that backpack will stay in one piece no matter what type of terrain your dog decides to traipse through.

>> Buy $124.90

Granite Gear Ruff Rider

The Granite Gear Ruff Rider is a simple and economical dog backpack.  The dog backpack comes in three different sizes and holds anywhere from 15-21 liters depending on the size bag.  The backpack is easily adjustable and lined with foam to protect your dog’s ribs from the gear in the pack.  The pack is built tough with a high-tear and abrasion resistant fabric that will be able to hold up to whatever your dog dishes out.

>> Buy $49.95

>> Buy $49.95

Ruff Wear Approach Dog Backpack

With a name like Ruff Wear, you know that these packs are going to offer supreme comfort and functionality for your dog.  The Ruff Wear Approach Dog Backpack is a little less hardcore than the Ruff Wear Palisades pack and is a great choice pack for day trips and hiking adventures.  The trim saddlebag design lets your dog move with ease so he won’t be held back by a cumbersome pack.  A water-resistant design help protect the bag’s contents from moisture.

>> Buy REI: $74.95

Granite Gear Long Dog Howl

Granite Gear’s Long Dog Howl was specifically designed for your dog’s supreme comfort and freedom of movement.  The dog’s harness completely wraps around your dog’s torso to reduce chaffing plus the harness also acts as windbreaker and insulating layer keeping your pup more comfortable in cooler temps.  The pack’s saddlebags hold 15 liters of gear in the large size and can be easily removed from the harness once you get to camp or during hiking breaks.

>> Buy Amazon: $72.17 – $119.94

>> Buy REI: $109.95