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Floating iPod Case

iFloat iPod caseWhy would anyone want one? I mean, isn’t the non-floating waterproof iPod case enough?

Here’s where it would come in handy: You’re paddling your kayak down one of Brazil’s many piranha-infested jungle streams when all of a sudden you drop your newly purchased 80GB iPod video into the treacherous waters. Having dropped (no pun intended) more coin for you iPod than it would cost to live at your Brazil Hostel for the last 2 weeks, you’re not about to let those biting-fish take it away from you.

Now, do you prefer to just scoop up the floating iPod case who’s external speaker is scaring the piranha away with the sound pollution, or would you welcome this as a time to go snorkeling?

I think it’s time for you to buy one of these from Amazon.