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Waterproof iPod Cases

Waterproof iPod CaseProporta are making 2 different iPod Cases that are waterproof up to a depth of 10 feet. That is, assuming you buy their waterproof headphones too. Available for the iPod Nano as reported by GadgetCandy but also the 5G 30/60GB iPod. Who wouldn’t want to watch JAWS on your iPod while snorkeling. Prices start at a paltry $89.95.

Ironically, when I viewed the products at Proporta’s online store, neither item listed the required waterproof headphones in the “people who bought this case also bought” section. At yet another $45, it’s understandable why, but isn’t that kind of defeating the purpose?

Still, this is a really swanky idea, and if I were addicted to my iPod I would surely have bought one prior to writing this. Especially if it had room inside the case to fit some external iPod speakers.