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DryZone Rover

DryZone Rover – Perfect waterproof backpack for nature photographers.

dryzone-rover.jpgLowepro has always been known for quality camera cases. From shoulder bags to backpacks, they make it all. Not that long ago, Lowepro introduced a line of waterproof camera bags. If you think about it, that’s a big claim to make. We aren’t talking water resistant material, but full on waterproof. The DryZone Rover is my favorite bag in this new line.

When I first got my DryZone Rover I wanted to see just how waterproof it really was. I loaded up the inside of the waterproof part of the pack with a few bricks and dropped it in the river. Because of the bags buoyancy it never really submerged. So, as any good gear tested would, I went and gave it a quick dunk. Back on land I unzipped the camera part of the DryZone rover and it was as dry as can be.

Some quick facts about the DryZone Rover:

  • DryZone Rover capacity: Pro SLR, 3-4 additional lenses (up to an 80-200mm f/2.4), tripod or monopod, memory cards, cables and personal accessories.
  • Completely waterproof camera compartment in the Drypod. Made of Tarpaulin PVC with a TiZip zipper.
  • Includes a 50oz HydraPak hydration system with Wide Mouth Design to make it fast to fill and easy to clean.
  • Contoured shoulder harness provides ergonomic comfort and support.
  • Built-in memory card pouches and removable accessory pouch helps organize your accessories.

The DryZone Rover is my favorite bag in the new waterproof line because it was a backpack section that is completely separate from the waterproof camera bag section. This section of the DryZone Rover has a hydration pocket and bladder included; which is perfect for all those long hikes to get the perfect shot.

In addition to the hydration system, the DryZone Rover also has to outer mesh pockets, a tripod pocket with bungees, and extremely comfortable hip and shoulder straps.

Buy one from $230

What do you think? Want to pick up a DryZone Rover for your next photo trip? Or maybe you want to check out other waterproof backpacks?