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Dry Bathroom Products Side-step Airline Liquids Ban

Solid Shampoo BarAirline Travel is getting increasingly restrictive (if not complicated) for travelers wanting to stick to carry-on only. While to most of us, its an annoyance and inconvenience, for Round the World travelers the concern of lost luggage (here’s a deal to get new stuff if that’s happened to you) can be a major setback, to say the least.

Here’s pretty much what your choices are limited to:

  • Buy ’em at the destination. Many airport shops and hotels have ready-made kits for both men & women. This can be expensive, and you’re probably not going to get your favorite shampoo.
  • Buy & Pack “dry” alternatives.
  • Check in your bag
  • Check in a much smaller “prohibited items” bag, but being smaller it’s more susceptible to loss and potentially theft.
  • Ship them ahead with FedEx, USPS, DHL, UPS
  • Ask Aunt Martha to loan you some
  • Go completely without. (Not much of a choice for most of us, unless you wanna grow some dreads.)

Here’s what USA Today has to say on the subject:

Via: Practical Travel Gear