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How to Prevent Lost Luggage

Like anyone can prevent the airlines from loosing your luggage – good one! However Fodor’s belives they can help you with their 5 tips on how keep the airport from loosing your luggage. Iffenyall don’t listen, you might be joining the ranks of people like Iva Skoch who have their bag placed permanently in some mysterious black hole. Maybe auctioned off to the flight attendants?

One thing to note, as you read these articles is that Iva’s numbers are a bit off – I double checked them with the USA Today story he quotes. When he’s referring to the number of bags lost or delayed, it should be 37 million per year. That seems like a huge number, and by golly, it is. However, considering it’s only 1% of the total bags in the system, that’s a pretty good ratio. Even more impressive is that only 420,000 bags are truly lost and unreturned to their owner. This brings the total bags-handled to bags-lost ratio close to 1/100th of 1%.