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Camera Backpacks

5108ifbuwl_aa280_The average camera bag is great for the average person. But outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for photography tend to be anything but average. These types of people, along with nature photographers and on location photographers, need a different type of camera bag. They need something more versatile than just a basic duffel style camera bag and something bigger than a simple waist pack style bag

They need something like a camera backpack.

Camera backpacks are especially great for professional photographer who do a good bit of nature or animal photography. This sort of photography often involves a lot of heavy gear. Not to mention it also usually involves an extended hike to a location in the backcountry. If you have ever carried a fully packed duffel style camera bag, I’m sure you can understand how painful that would be to carry on a five mile hike to a location! These camera backpacks aren’t just a camera bag with some shoulder straps.

Many of these camera backpacks have sophisticated harness systems built into them. they are designed to let you carry large amounts of camera equipment for long distances without being in pain. A number of the more high end camera backpacks also come with padded waist buckles to make your load even easier to carry. Some of these camera backpacks also have built in rain fly’s to keep your gear protected when you get caught up in unexpected rain showers.

Check out some of the popular camera backpacks we have reviewed:

If you aren’t a professional photographer, but more of a hobbyist with a decent amount of gear; there are camera backpacks designed especially for you. When searching for camera backpacks, you are bound to come across some that are half day pack and half camera bag. These sorts of camera backpacks usually have a small camera bag built into the bottom of the bag and then have a large empty area as well.

This allows you to pack all of your day hiking essentials into the bag, but also have a dedicated space for your camera equipment. Some of these sorts of camera backpacks can also have the camera bag areas completely removed so that you can still use the backpack as a day pack when you feel like hiking without your camera gear.

The only major downside with backpacking hammocks is that there is only enough room for one person. Yes, this is an obvious fact, but I point it out for couples who backpack together. Many couples like to share a tent together, which means they will never enjoy a backpacking hammock.