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Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack

Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack -A Camera Pack for Backpackers
I have always liked the idea of the bigger backpack camera bags. They offer a much better way of getting a lot of camera gear out to a remote location. The problem that I always had with them was that it seems liked the designers first thought about how they could fit camera gear into a backpack and as an after thought decided how to make it wearable. The end result was usually a camera backpack that was uncomfortable after about 15 minutes of wear, bulky, and awkward to wear in the backcountry. The Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack has tried to tackle some of these issues.

While I don’t think the Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack is the perfect camera backpack, it is certainly one of the better ones on the market today. Lowepro has been doing a good job trying to make their bags more comfortable for active outdoor use and the Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack is a prime example of this. You would think the fact that you are carrying a ton of heavy gear would spur designers to add in some serious padding and support. Sadly this isn’t the case with many camera backpacks. the Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack however, has plenty of padding and support all over the pack.

I also like that the Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack offers a lot in the way of protection from the elements. To me, this is a key element in the design. After all, many people who will be using the Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack will be going out to remote locations. So it only makes sense that they may get caught in bad weather. The Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack is made of of a weather proof nylon that protects your gear from dust, snow, and rain. The Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack also comes with a pack cover, which is awesome.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $178

Why they rock:

  • Carry one or two SLRs along with multiple lenses, a flash and accessories in this comfortable pack with a high-tech suspension and all-weather cover
  • Padded mesh back, adjustable, padded shoulder straps and eight-point harness provide comfort on the trail
  • Sternum strap combines with a padded, quick-adjust waistbelt for even load distribution
  • Interior framesheet and external compression straps add stability
  • Drop-down front flaps expose flexible interior dividers to carry small field camera system, large 35mm or digital pro SLR and four or five lenses
  • Large zippered front pocket holds food or clothing, while interior laminated mesh pockets safely store accessories
  • High-density closed-cell foam and soft nylon lining protect your camera and gear
  • Tripod mount lets you easily attach a tripod to either side or the center of the pack
  • Ripstop nylon all-weather cover protects your camera and gear from snow, rain and dust

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

If you do a lot of nature photography or just any sort of location photography that can’t be reached by car, you will appreciate the Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack. While it might not be the perfect camera backpack, I think it is the best one on the market as of right now. If you don’t like the Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack, you should at least check out the other LowePro bags, as they seem to have the most focus on comfort for camera backpacks.

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