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Best Two Person Tents

Being that one of the most important pieces of backcountry advice is to never go out alone and always have a buddy, it only makes sense that two person tents are so popular. As these two person tents grow in popularity, so do the amount of cool new features and technologies used to build them. Far gone are the days where the trusty old A-frame style tent was the pillar of a two person tent design. Today’s two person tents are lighter, stronger, and more appropriately designed.

Today’s two person tents feature so many well thought out design ideas that some of the two person tents out there can easily feel like a three person tent. Some of these ideas are so basic, but offer such a dramatic difference in the comfort of the tent. Take the dual entry idea for example. This is a pretty new idea, but makes a world of difference. It makes you wonder why it took manufacturers so long to think of it.

Another cool feature of today’s two person tents is that they are a lot more multifunctional than those of days gone by. A prime example of this is how many of the new two person tents can be setup with just the tents poles, rainfly, and a ground cloth. This gives you an ultralight shelter without having to buy a whole other shelter in addition to your two person tent. Or you can take the whole tent backpacking with you, but if the weather is nice, just set up the lightweight version and enjoy the outdoors!

Check out some of the two person tents we have reviewed:

A two person tent is always a good thing to have. Even if you have a family and need a larger tent for you and the rest of your family, you never know when you and the misses may want to out for a romantic weekend in the woods. Not to mention boy scouts or those last minute camp outs with the guys. With such a huge selection of two person tents these days, there is something for every budget, climate, and activity.