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Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent

Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent – Serious mountaineering tent.

Setting up shop in the various conditions that one finds them self in when mountaineering calls for an equally serious tent. I mean really, who wants a sub par tent when you are well above the treeline? That lack of judgment could seriously put a damper on any trip. The Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent however is a serious mountaineering tent made for the extreme conditions the alpinists find them self in.

The Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent is not your standard two person backpacking tent. This bad boy is designed to keep your comfortable in almost any situation you can imagine. This comfort level is created by a wide variety of outstanding engineering, high tech fabrics, and an amazing design. And with a recent redesign and upgrade, the Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent is now better than ever. So, just what makes the Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent so amazing?

One of the best features of the Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent is simply its overall design and the material used. The Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent use a simple single wall design. These walls are made up of a really cool material called MemBrain. This material works overtime to give you complete waterproofing, great breathability, and is tough to boot.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $494

Why they rock:

  • Single-wall design uses an updated MemBrain three-layer, waterproof, breathable fabric which increases strength, durability and performance
  • Lightweight and strong DAC Featherlite NSL poles with press-fit connectors use an anodization process that lessens environmental impact
  • Knee-pole design with dual-diameter poles creates a steeper sidewall for interior spaciousness and adds to the structural integrity of the tent
  • Redesigned brow pole and wide, reinforced pole clips provide extra stability, especially during windy conditions
  • Improved ventilation; adjustable air vents help control interior climate and can be zipped shut in extreme weather
  • Bathtub floor with perimeter seams up and off the ground lend superior waterproof protection
  • Large D-shaped door provides easy entry and exit
  • All seams are factory seam sealed
  • Stuff sacks, stakes, guyline, patch kit and pole splint included

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

If you regularly find yourself setting up camp in less than idea conditions, you may want to check out the Marmot Alpinist 2 Tent. While it is made for those serious mountaineering types, it is also a nice backpacking tent if you don’t mind the price tag and weight. All and all its a great tent for a variety of trips and conditions.

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